HUZHOU SINY LABEL MATERIAL CO., LTD was established in 1998, located in the most important area for Label Fabrics - Linghu Town,Huzhou City. HUZHOU SINY is a professional manufacturer of both coated and uncoated fabrics in printed label aspects. Apart from China, our customers are from all over the world. Whether traditional or modern technology is applied, SINY’s fabrics can create outstanding colorful brand labels and instruction care ones. These labels are used in apparel, accessories, shoes, hat, handbag, luggage, toy, bedding, or any other related industries. We manufacture our label fabrics in China, not only distribute to the huge domestic China market, but also to different overseas countries. SINY is distributing the labels globally.

Our focus is to develop and produce label fabrics of exquisite quality and consistency. We value our work from yarn to web, web to tape, and tape to label. And In order to meet the ever changing market demand, we are always innovative to create and develop all kinds of new items.

New Product

            Fire retardant                             Resistance to sand                         High strength thick tape 

                Heat transfer (bar code printing)                 Resistance to black dye transfer ribbon                  Security 

                No fluorescence


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